London Lockdown Song

I was recently writing some words about the deserted streets of London and it turned into this 'Lockdown' song.

I decided to add it as a kind of bonus track on 'The Acoustic Rivers Of Love' album. The link is below along with the lyrics.

London Lockdown Song

I stepped off the train 

from Rayners Lane 

only the smell of the brakes remains 

no buskers call 

down these tiled walls 

the escalators broken 

the staircase was awoken 

the barriers are open to the world 


No taxi ride 

or buses glide 

blowing grit and diesel in my eyes 

on Denmark street 

where all my dreams complete 

where every other guitarist 

will always play their hardest 

only to find they forgot all the chords 


My heart has stopped 

at Camden Lock 

I turned when I heard a pin was dropped 

but The stalls are all gone 

and The tourists to where they came from 

no neon signs to tempt me 

the tattooist's chairs are empty 

and no one visits Amy anymore 


The streets are bare 

around Soho Square 

no folks are drinking over there 

theres only you 

on Shaftesbury Avenue 

no one pouring out the theatres 

with their programmes and their posters 

no more rickshaws taking prisoners for the night 


The time stood still 

against his will 

only the moon was passing by 

I'll see you around 

in old London town 

when all of this is over 

when the daylight see's us sober 

and we stand upon your shoulders once again

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