Artisti Online - Review - Here Comes The Truth

Nigel Brown's latest studio album entitled 'Here Comes The Truth' is the result of a period of observation of the world around us. Here Comes The Truth is the eleventh album of Nigel Brown's career which concentrates his life experience in this collection of songs through a sweet and harmonious sound inspired by the sounds of the 60s and 70s.

The songs contained in the album mainly address social issues that concern the fight against inequalities, government measures in times of pandemic, situations taken from people's daily lives and people's dreams and hopes in a period of great crisis like the one that we are going through.


The album unfolds as a journey in stages in which each song tells a particular story. The sound of the album is rich and articulated and moves easily between various styles and musical genres such as folk, soft-rock and country. The thirteen songs that make up the album are permeated by a romanticism of times gone by that puts us back in touch with that organic and genuine sound that has been fading away in music over the years.

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