Welcome to the home page of Singer Songwriter, Guitarist and Composer for Film and TV, Nigel Brown. I am based in London UK.

I am excited to to announce that my new album ‘Here Comes The Truth’ is out now! Available on all streaming platforms.

I also compose for several production music libraries. These include, De Wolfe, APM Music, Felt Production Music, The Music Supervisors, Hitpoint, Rouge Music, Plan 8, Media Tracks, Focus and Universal. Many of these tracks are in use on the BBC, ITV, Sky and The Discovery Channels. You can find out more on the 'Production Music' page.

If you need some music for a project or want me to play on something or want me to go on a world tour, give me a shout! Use the contact page or you can email me on nbmusic@btinternet.com 
Thanks for visiting!

American Country Rock - PN8CD1153 - Plan 8 Music

Thanks to the great people at ‘Plan 8 Music’ !!

A new album of American Country Rock is out now! Featuiring 10 new songs with vocal and instrumental versions, full length and edits.

Described as ‘Bright Summer Americana’ check it…

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The Big Takeover - Review - Here Come The Truth

As the album unfolds, one is greeted by a succession of enthralling moments. ‘Verandas Gate’ exudes a subdued grandeur, while ‘Not In My Heart’ initially treads the familiar path of the singer-songwriter, only to veer off into the jangling realms…

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Artisti Online - Review - Here Comes The Truth

Nigel Brown's latest studio album entitled 'Here Comes The Truth' is the result of a period of observation of the world around us. Here Comes The Truth is the eleventh album of Nigel Brown's career which concentrates his life experience…

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1111CR3W - Review - Here Comes The Truth

In the realm of music, there are artists who create with a sense of purpose, allowing their creative muse to guide them along their journey. Nigel Brown, a prolific musician and composer, is one such artist. His eleventh studio album,…

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Roadie Music Brazil - Review - Here Comes The Truth

Nigel Brown is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter from the United Kingdom who has accumulated more than a dozen releases throughout his career. Only in 2023, “Here Comes the Truth” is his third album, meaning Brown is a music-making machine.…

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Iggy Magazine - Review - Here Comes The Truth

Don't miss out on treating yourself this week by discovering a sublime project full of good vibes and magnificent qualities. Nigel Brown returns to the music scene for an eleventh album entitled “Here Come The Truth”. The musical opus is…

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Bad Wolfe Records - Review - Here Comes The Truth

Throughout his career as a composer, Nigel has not only released 12 full albums in his solo project to the present day, but has also created music for numerous projects. This includes composing and recording music for approximately twenty series,…

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